Nike Futsal Championship

December 9-10, 2017

Nike Futsal Championship - December 9-10, 2017

****Considering Player safety and parent safety and due to the weather not clearing as anticipated, the event is canceled. The event will be rescheduled in January and that information will be sent out within the next week.****

****(updated 12/9/2017 8:40am)****

Thank you for your patience in waiting for news from the Tournament Committee regarding the unpredictable weather and the plans for tomorrow.  The committee has delayed the start time for all games on Saturday by TWO HOURS total.  The website will be not be updated to reflect this extra hour delay so you will need to add 1 hour to your Saturday game time (Sunday games remain the same). 

To be clear, earlier today, we delayed the games on Saturday by one hour and those changes were made to the online schedules and now we are delaying an extra hour and the schedules will not be updated so you will need to add one hour to the times posted for Saturday.

For example:

If the online schedule shows your game tomorrow at 10 am, then you will add one hour and the game will be played at 11 am.

If the online schedule shows your game tomorrow at 3:25 pm, then you will add one hour and the game will be played at 4:25 pm.

Any Question Direct to Ken Kurilec at​

Schedules posted. Click here

General Information:

Location - Lake Point Sports Complex - 755 Georgia 293, Emerson, GA 30137. Please note, Lake Point Sports Complex charge $5/day for parking. 

Games will be played Saturday, December 9th; 8am-8pm and Sunday, December 10th; 8am-4pm

12 Indoor Courts | Entry Fee $475/team | 10 Players max/team

Footwear - It is very important that the correct INDOOR footwear is worn. No CLEATS, NO TURF SHOES, SPECIFIC Indoor soled shoes should be worn, regular sneakers can be worn also as long as they have a white sole.

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A match is considered official if one half has been completed. However, should a match be terminated for any reason other than inclement weather, the Tournament Director and Committee will review the referee’s report and any other information available in order to render a decision.

TERMINATION of Games or Tournament


If the tournament is canceled due to inclement weather or any act of God, a partial refund will be issued. If the tournament is canceled after a team has played in 2 games, no refund will be issued to that team.


2017 Schedules and Results - Last updated 12/8/2017 - 12:45pm

Schedules - First team listed on Schedule is home team

Girls - Schedule/Results/Standings

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